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a tribe called forever

if you talk about the origins of hip hop (post 1985) and don’t include a tribe called quest, you are doing yourself a disservice. a huge fkn disservice. honesty, truth, simplicity, complexity, egoless, ego-filled, vibes before you ever said it. a great portion of music created in the 90’s, 2000’s, and now, must be charged four unique individuals. ali, jarobi, phife, and tip. it’s tribe, and it’s forever. #visualevolution #miCheckmag

via TribeCalledQuestVEVO

via TribeCalledQuestVEVO

via Power 106 Los Angeles

xtra What’s for afters?

xtra HOT 97

art/No. 8/Volume 1

mary, we love you

mary j blige sung a bruce springsteen song to hillary clinton on fairly new apple music platform. hey, mary j… we love …

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