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MAG salutes survivors of breast cancer and support more information about the symptoms and those who you've transitioned via cancer. Cancer is not meant to be here. But it is, let's keep investigating why until we eradicate the problem. Period. MICHECKMAG | #FuckCancer #LovePeople 🌸  
Update: WTF these MURDERS 100% FULLY RACIST. Another crazy white man kills blacks in board daylight. Black Americans & worldwide must now be on FULL alert. Read more below. Via Courier Journal (Louisville, KY) Ed Harrell was waiting on his wife in the parking lot when he heard gunshots, grabbed his revolver...
William Henry Cosby Jr. was the only rape victim in this case. By major players in the North American land game. If they can do this to a rich, black celebrity, imagine what the are doing to your cousin, your Uncle, your sister, your mother. One of black America's greatest...

REVOLT n hot water

P Diddy's black-owned television and media company in losing black staff. Watch for more. MAG  

let ye be ye 🔥🎵

And you be you. Think for yourself cuh. BUT, Kanye West brings a free energy to hip hop no one else is able to create. Watch below. 🔥  
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