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Salute to #MLKDAY2019

It's another January, and thus another celebration of the outspoken human Martin Luther King Jr. MM has done multiple features on MLK, stating his greatness and boldness to speak on issues most couldn't eem comprehend. And during some of thee most fucked up times! With the internet up & runnin' now, more...
the american head ass government as we know it is officially shut the fuck down in 2019. Donald duck head ass really don't care about regular working class citizens, what the fuck bro? why are you here? watch more below, smh. MM

Turtle Island

Have you heard that North America was once called Turtle Island? And was the land of aboriginal (black) people before Columbus? Yup, it's a thing. But, Turtle Island is simply the basic matrix of mother nature. Watch Bro. Sanchez share details on Turtle Island, and more eye...
Aye bruh, world religion has killed more people than cigarettes and pig feet put together. Mechee X of online free media channel discusses religion, slavery, and all that other shit ya'll are confused AF about. Mainly b/c the elite want you to be. Watch more below. MM  

Hip Hop & The Hippie

Hip Hop as we know tha shit, began as a musical platform that became synonymous w/ innovation, peace, rhythm, and honesty. But just like many things of this current world, the more we learn the more we understand. Independent media outlet Bro. Sanchez examines Hip Hop v. The Hippie movement, and if government...