black panther

Don't be scared. Be aware. Heavily promoted new movie Black Panther has black America talking and (elite) white America rich and mad. #miCheckmag

Wakanda is coo, but Wakanda … is a movie. It ain’t got shit on a world without racism/white supremacy. And that takes me, and you, and luv.

Heavily promoted – but fuckin’ so what – new Marvel movie Black Panther came out during black history month (white ppl got they money baby) and folks are dissecting it better than Hollywood hoped. Kinda slow, but justice get your ass out here! The entity funding (and definitely motha fkn reapin) this wonderfully-produced film also, ACTUALLY (not fiction) hung black panthers people. In real life tho bruh. Which is why we do NOT celebrate Black Panther (maybe it’s creators chance to activate artistically), but take note during a time a leisure while being inspired entertained for a few hours.

Peep new black media source Yvette Carnell of discuss Kilmonger and er’body else in THE MOVIE. . Watch more now. #blackmedia #miCheck1two

Xtra: 16 Black Panthers Still Behind Bars!