The Grammys, White Ppl sh*t

The all mighty Grammys (gramophone) is dying a slow death as America is in its beginning stages of more diverse award platforms. MAG

ashawnty, we love u

well, this story took a turn. Keaton Jones x¬†Ashawnty Davis ūüôŹ MAG Keaton out here gettin a $100k bag from GoFundMe and his mom a racist and this lil boy who got bullied and is wise...

Keisha, guuurl

stunning, smart, and informed! @keishabottoms won atlanta's tight mayoral election recently. a huge win not just for georgia, but for 'america. go keish MAG

libya II

Obama told the Atlantic magazine last month the operation went as well as he had hoped, but Libya was now "a mess". BBC

libya, wtf

entire fuck admittedly, there's ALOT more to learn about libya. slaverya is definitely trigger word 4 black folk. this hurts. watch more below MAG
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