Maya Little a UNC history PhD student put her blood and red ink on silent Sam 5-10 minutes ago @Move_Silent_Sam @ABC11_WTVD @MicahAHughes @WNCN @WRAL — Samee Siddiqui (@ssiddiqui83) April 30, 2018  

black panther

Wakanda is coo, but Wakanda ... is a movie. It ain't got shit on a world without racism/white supremacy. And that takes me, and you, and luv. Heavily promoted - but fuckin' so what - new Marvel movie Black Panther came out during black history month (white ppl got they money baby) and...

sex in black america

This was painted in 1632 by christiaen van couwenbergh, damn bruh!. Now women want equal rights with the #metoo movement, and most agree. Hollyweird fkn fantasy world is probably the best place to showcase sex being done all wrong. women deserve equal pay, equal positioning, and equal justice for past mistreatments by far....

Uncle Quincy, Ah Shit

music king quincy jones drops dimes on the homies, revealing secrets about Hollywood stars 😮. #blackmedia